BlackBerry 7130e Review

For those who want a serious phone, meaning one that is used for communication and not play, then the BlackBerry 7130e is a good choice. It has all that is to offer as far as good communication features and dependability. It holds up the good tradition of quality associated with the BlackBerry 7100 line of phones. Again, these phones the 7130e included were designed with the business and corporate professional in mind. However, families and other casual users of mobile phone technology have found that this series of phone does offer them a lot as well.

For those who love their computers and laptops this phone provides a good service. The phone itself can be used as a wireless modem for your laptop or pc. This is the first phone with this capability. Verizon took advantage of its EV/DO technology making this the first phone to connect to laptops and PCs being totally wireless. You will now be able to access your emails and other Internet files by simply using your phone.

The email capabilities of the phone itself mirror and improve upon the already top notch reputation of the 7100 series. The phone will enable you to access up to 10 separate email accounts. These can be used for business or personal reasons. It also includes integrated attachment viewing for various types of formats.

The BlackBerry 7130e is equipped with a user friendly and clearly marked keyboard. Each key has 2 letters but the phone is equipped to know which letter you want. It recognizes the most common word and letter combinations in English and has a built in dictionary of over 35,000 words. You will not have to worry about the phone choosing the wrong letter or misspellings. The Sure type capability the phone has will prohibit this from happening. There are also several messaging capabilities with this phone, including multimedia messaging service, enhanced messaging service and short messaging service. Whatever your messaging needs may be this phone will likely be able to fulfill them.

The phone is compatible with all Bluetooth technology. This will give you totally hands free wireless connectivity to the net and phone services. This service is highly useful for those of you who travel extensively for work purposes. You can receive and make calls without having to worry about taking your eyes off the road and breaking your concentration. You can also send, receive and answer emails without having the same worries. Included with the phone is a complete car support kit and headset.

The technical features of this phone compare quite favorable to previous models. It is slightly heavier than some of the other phones at 133 g. It has an internal antenna and over 3 hours of talk time. It also has 64 mb of memory and a long battery life. The phones menu is made even more user friendly with the help of the track wheel. This will help navigate through the many menu options and help to sort your files. This is perfect for those technological pack rats that store anything and everything on their phones.

The imaging and screen on the phone are of a high quality. Previous users of earlier 7100 phones did complain about the screen quality. Their largest complaint was that it was highly susceptible to scotches and damage. The new screen is fitted with stronger glass that is covered with a protective coating. The newer models, the 7130e included are much more resistant to bumps and knocks than before. The imagery has also greatly improved. Many loyal users stated that on previous models, the screen became very difficult to see when exposed to the sun or other forms of light. The 7130e has made great strides in correcting this problem. It has 65,000 colors and a screen of 240?260 pixels. The images can stand up to the elements and can be seen quite vividly even when exposed to extrem forms of light.

The phone does have a few fun features. There is a selection of games and there are variable ring tones available. There is a high quality speakerphone that has both fun and practical uses as well. There is also an internal calendar and calculator.

For those that work outside or again, do a lot of traveling with their job, the phone is equipped with GPS satellite navigation. Many bosses enjoy this feature. They can keep constant tabs on wayward employees. It is also a good safety feature for those that are on the road a large portion of the time. Should an accident occur then their location can be pin pointed in a matter of seconds. It is also a handy tool for less extreme situations such as being lost or needing directions

The 7130e boasts all of the reliable and practical services of the phones in the 7100 series. The high quality communication facilities of the phone make it a favorite among the business, corporate and practical minded. True, the phone does not have a lot of those fun features such as Mp3 player and video playing capacity. It is true that this phone may not be for everyone. However, if you’re wanting something reliable, easy to use and long lasting then the 7103e could be good choice for you. It offers a lot to the practical minded and is good value for money.

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