BlackBerry 7250 Review

The BlackBerry 7250 takes all of the businesslike features that BlackBerry is famous for and improves. The BlackBerry 7250 is designed for the business or corporate professional. This is quite similar to several other BlackBerry models. The communication facilities in the phone take precedence over the so called fun features that dominate other brands of cell phones. With quality and reliability at the top of their priority list, those that use the BlackBerry line of phones will nit be disappointed by the 7250.

Professionals who travel quite extensively will find the 7250 a good choice. It has complete wireless and hands free capabilities, allowing you to make and receive calls as well as check and send email. All of these tasks can be performed without having to pull over, removing your hands from the wheel, or breaking your concentration. The added safety and security that hands free and wireless capabilities can provide are of great value to business professionals and their families.

Users state that one of the most positive aspects of this phone is that it is very easy to use. There is an easy to find and operate track wheel that helps you navigate through the menu choices. This makes life much easier for those of us who store anything and everything on our phones. There are also easy to interpret and clear icons to help you sort and file all of your data, again, making your information easy to find and access. The displays are very bright and clear and help to avoid confusion and mistakes.

Users also state that one of the greatest strengths of this phone is its email capacity. Users are able to check, send and receive emails at a moments notice. Again the wireless capability of the phone allows quick Internet access to check other items such as sports, weather and news. The 7250 continues the long standing good tradition of communication services with the BlackBerry phones.

Among the general features of the phone, it offers and internal antennae, a headset jack of 2.5mm and weighs approximately 139g. This makes it slightly heavier than some of the phones predecessors. It contains a lithium ion battery, has a talk time of 3 and a half hours and a stand by time of nearly 9 days. Some critics of the phone are un happy with the talk time. Although this the 7250’s talk time is slightly longer than many other BlackBerry phones, loyal users were hoping for a bit more.

The display of the phone is defiantly one of its strengths. Although it offers slightly fewer colors than some of BlackBerry’s other phones with 16-bit. The LCD display has been rated quite high. Many of the BlackBerry phones have come under harsh criticism in this area. Many have said that the screens were difficult to see in the sun and other forms of light. The 7250, as most other recent BlackBerry phones have solved this problem. It is able to be viewed clearly in direct sunlight as well as indoor artificial light.

The 7250 has a full keyboard. This differs quite greatly from other BlackBerry phones that have 2 letters per key. This makes the keyboard slightly larger but also easier to use for some. The phone does have smart phone capabilities, enabling it to recognize letter combinations and has a built in dictionary o over 35,000 words. This will help ensure there are now misspellings or wrong word in your messages.

Another great feature that is a favorite among the users is the GPS satellite navigation capability. Those who travel frequently love this for its ability to give clear and accurate directions. This is especially useful for when your in un familiar surrounding and have to be somewhere on time. It is also helpful in more extreme circumstances such as accidents. Should this happen, your location can be pin pointed instantly.

Users have expressed some disapointment with the speakerphone. The sounds quality is satisfactory but not what is usually expected from the BlackBerry line of phones. When compared to previous models the speakerphone on the 7350 does fail in comparison. The amount of icons were another feature that users criticized. The 7250 only displays 3 rows rather than 4 which were standard on previous phones.

The BlackBerry 7250 has made some improvements on previous phones. Users are very happy with its email capacity and wireless capabilities. The full size keyboard and display function of the phone seem to be among the most positive aspects of the phone. Users are also seemingly happy with the strength and durability of the 7250. The screen is resistant to scratches and damage.

However, as with many BlackBerry phones it lacks the so called fun features. It does have a few games but lacks Mp3 capability and there is no ability for video. The BlackBerry 7250 was designed for the business and corporate professional. Other casual users have also found this model of phone popular. Despite its draw backs, the phone is of good quality and offers good value for money.

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