Book Review : A Rat’s Tale II: Escape from Rattovia –

Heidi Jackson’s A Rat’s Tale II: Escape from Rattovia, the sequel to A Rat’s Tale: Pemba is Innocent, continues the tale of Pemba, who has transformed from outcast to princess, growing into her role gracefully with Prince Alden by her side, and forgiving the family that banished her. This is a page-turning adventure full of suspense, mystical creatures that range from merrats to silver dragons, tales of bravery, the forging of unlikely friendships, and transformations of evil to good.

Pemba finds herself forced to defend her family and her country as the “hoodlums,” known as The Shady Greys, thirst for power and control over Rattovia, forcing the royal family to flee from their castle. The Rattovians are informed of the diabolical plot of The Shady Greys by an informant, Roban, who has escaped to warn the royal family of their plot to take over Ratley Castle, Rattovia, and the treasure of Greater Rattovia. After King Wendell dies, Alden is thrust into a leadership role for which he is ill prepared. Nonetheless, he must overcome his internal misgivings and courageously lead his country and people. As the country prepares for war, Pemba must protect her daughter, Princess Branna, from the evil forces that threaten them. Indeed, A Rat’s Tale II is filled with twists and turns that will keep young readers riveted as the plot thickens and tensions mount.

A Rat’s Tale II is for advanced readers and older children, employing an advanced level of vocabulary-using words like “chronicling.” For young children who often find themselves unchallenged by other grade level offerings, this book provides the perfect read with a story that is both content-appropriate for their age level, while providing a skill level that will challenge and keep their interest-a winning combination!

This page-turner will leave readers hanging, and wanting more, with an unresolved cliffhanger that will have readers clamoring for the release of the next story in the series, A Rat’s Tale III: Return to Rattovia.

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