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Fr?d?rick S. Parker’s Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs centers around the fantastical journey and adventures of three average high school students who find themselves plunged into extraordinary circumstances. Oliver Hamilton finds himself trapped in a world filled with magic, centaurs, fauns, and mermaids, where humans are as mythical as centaurs are in our world, leaving Jason Garrett and Jessica Thomas to rescue him.

Mandayus-Corpus is a creature from another universe, who is punished by his superiors for a mistake he made, putting him in the form of a human child and placing him on Earth, which was the nearest planet with intelligent life on which he could be deposited for three days so that he could not cause any additional interruptions for his superiors. The crew is on its way to create a new system of stars using a powerful machine called the Magnus Opus, which somehow lands in his bag. When the three friends encounter what they believe to be a young boy out too late at night without his parents, Jason becomes intrigued by the machine, demanding to know what it is. After he accidentally activates it, Oliver becomes paralyzed and seemingly lifeless, as though in a coma. He has been transported to an alternate reality, the land he created in a story he wrote, entitled The Kingdom of the Centaurs, “just as he always imagined it.” It is up to Jessica, Jason, and Mandayus-Corpus to save him from the land of his own creation.

Readers will be swept away completely, as the story seamlessly fuses both science fiction and fantasy, aliens from other galaxies and mystical creatures, and will be wholly consumed by characters that are at once unique and credible. By offering us the story from the perspectives of various characters, we come to truly understand and care about each one, seeing them both as they perceive themselves, and as others perceive them, creating an amazingly compelling level of character detail. This talent for creating believable characters and instilling genuine interest for them in the reader shows a remarkable level of understanding of what makes for great novels.

Parker emerges as a wunderkind, possessing a precocious gift for story telling. Finding the Kingdom of the Centaurs is the first novel by Fr?d?rick S. Parker, exhibiting a prowess for suspense, character development, and creating intense visual imagery that puts the reader into the heart of the action.

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