Book Review: Goodbye Milky Way –

There are many theories about when the end of the world will occur. According to both the Mayan calendar and the French seer, Nostradamus, the world will end on December 21st, 2012. On the other hand, according to the most printed book in the world, The Bible, only God knows when the end will occur.

Former Air Force officer and science fiction fan, Dan Makaon, keeps readers hooked in his first science fiction novel, Goodbye Milky Way. When the end of the world appears inevitable, a group comprised of scientists, engineers, extraterrestrials, and a highly intelligent computer must fight to prevent humanity’s extinction and the planet’s destruction.

A read that is both exciting and informative, Makaon writes with both description and knowledge, allowing readers to be captivated fully by the story. While the characters face many life-and-death obstacles during their “Star-Slayer” endeavor, you are left emotionally involved and rooting for them the entire time.

Although the book is 436 pages long, Makaon hooks his readers from the very beginning, and you are left wishing it never ends. This science fiction novel is not only entertaining but also packed with facts and information about the world’s scientific history and what could be earth’s future.

Dan Makaon provides a read that is thrilling, interesting, and incredibly engrossing. Goodbye Milky Way is a must read not only for science fiction die-hards but for every book lover out there.

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