Book Review: Long Term Parking by Michael Del Ray –

Ever wonder what heaven would be like if there were no God? What about death? Do you wonder if we were reincarnated or if we live once and then go to Heaven? In the book, Long Term Parking, by Michael Del Ray, these questions are presented by tapping into the reader’s imagination and introducing a world where, in death, there are bosses rather than a God, and the dead are reincarnated continuously, to serve specific purposes each time on earth. The main character’s purpose this go-round happens to be Heaven’s Bounty Hunter.

Meet Boston Nightly, a Texas private eye, and an expert on dying, as he’s been-there-done-that various times, and has been reincarnated again and again. Boston has an everlasting assignment to be continuously sent back to earth as a bounty hunter for heaven. His task is to take care of various mobsters by shooting them dead. There is only one problem: one of Boston’s killers buried him with a dog and Boston arrives into this afterlife as part-dog. Indeed, Boston has a new perspective and an all-new outlook on the life of a dog, and just how these frisky creatures are to be treated by humans.
Michael Del Ray, in his satirical book takes death, an often times morbid topic, and surrounds it with dry humor-creating a thoroughly entertaining read. For example, when Boston Nightly confesses that he is an expert on dying, he then goes on to describe death as “painful,” with no God or hell at the end of the tunnel.

Long Term Parking is an amusing book for those who love dogs, guns, sex, and satirically dry humor. This book is sure to not disappoint and will keep readers laughing and thinking about things they may have never even thought about before, and then laughing some more.


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