Book Review: No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere: Real Core Principles, Common Sacrifice, and the World War Two Infantry –

Ray Etrych’s No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere: Real Core Principles, Common Sacrifice, and the World War Two Infantry illuminates the corruption of both Republicans and Democrats, who have essentially undermined the core principles of America. Etrych is a US Army veteran who served during the Vietnam War, giving him the perspective of one who served in war and sees the issues today from a truly American standpoint, having risked his life to protect America. Unfortunately for our political system today, many of our politicians did not serve in the military, becoming “jodys” who used their entitlements to avoid their duty to America, giving them a lack of understanding about the meaning of war, service, honor, and American values.

It’s provocative from the very first page, when he states that, “The heartless have multiplied and the zombie ‘rushlimbaughs’ of this country are now never dead, except inside, and they will never go away.” Many of Etrych’s descriptions are certainly inflammatory, but for anyone who has become disillusioned with the political system as a whole, they will find great humor in some of his pop cultural comparisons and find themselves nodding with many of his assertions.

Etrych does not limit his acerbic commentary to a particular political party, rather he expresses a general dissatisfaction with the models of leadership in our nation today and the political radicalism that exists; “The extremist Democrats and Republicans share a heartlessness, one on abortion; the other, on the economy, and, both share a heartlessness on serving their country in uniform.” Etrych illustrates to readers that the two parties are not as different as one might assume, both sharing an underlying moral corruption. While Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh are often seen as “polar opposites” politically, “they could actually be ideological twins when it comes to military service evasion and going on to higher things with that on your record and without shame.”

In No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere, the true strength is Etrych’s unrestrained approach to the lack of values in the political system, systematically dismantling the myths that pervade society today and exposing our political leaders for what they truly are. Whether you are a veteran or are simply disenchanted with society and politics, Etrych’s work will undoubtedly move readers and echo their own feelings.

Ray Etrych’s No Army Dodgers Here, Rush Elsewhere is available in all digitals, including amazon/kindle, nook, Sony Reader, and i-Pad. The author holds a B.A. from Monteith College at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Also, the author’s father, John Etrych, a World War II veteran, fought in combat with the famous 45th Infantry Division at the Battle of Anzio, Italy, and helped to liberate the Dachau Nazi concentration camp.

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