Book Review : The 7th Journey –

Take a ride on a journey like you have never experienced before alongside Robert Graham, an innocent researcher hired by Netex Corporation to find the missing pieces of a technology called Auditum. Auditum is a brain manipulation technology that takes the human mind into an out of body experience where humans can purposely induce themselves into any situation imaginable. Unlike normal dreams, these experiences often allow the dreamer to talk to people that have passed, see the future and be controlled by the dreamer.

As you dive into the book, you immediately learn about a normal, everyday researcher, Robert Graham, who gets excited about the scientific possibilities that Auditum technology has the potential to offer. Once he starts to conduct his research, he decides to harness the Auditum technology by experimenting on himself. In the beginning his dreams are interesting to him and have him desiring more. But soon after, his experimentation goes from promising to more than Robert bargained for. Finding himself suddenly in a life of shambles where he is wrapped up in murder, fraud, government conspiracy, a forbidden romance and more, Robert realizes that what he thought was research for the government, is actually a gateway to endless possibilities.

For those of you who love a book that intertwines every possible genre, then The 7th Journey by Robert J. R. Graham is the book for you. This science fiction book intertwines the best in fantasy, mystery, suspense, romance, action and more. Once you pick up this book, you will not be able to put it back down as every page has a new twist and turn that will leave you on the edge of your seat. A great read that is not only very creatively written, but also very addictive.

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