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Sitting aboard a 2008 flight from New York to Israel gave him time to relax after thinking he was being followed. It also gave him time to remember. Time to remember everything he’d witnessed all those years ago starting on the night of his thirteenth birthday.

Imagine waking up from sleep and finding yourself in the presence of King David. Accompanying him into battle, and becoming a most-trusted confidante. Then, staying by David’s side during some of the most important events of his life, and even comforting his son Solomon upon his father’s death.

In The Family of Chosen: Foundation of Kings by Raymond L. Mungro Jr., 13-year-old Mustafa, or Moosie as he prefers to be called, prays that God will show him his family’s history and lead him to his destiny. The answer to his prayer comes to him that night when he’s transported in a dream from 1980 Philadelphia to 1003 B.C. smack dab in the middle of Israel’s campaign to take Jerusalem for its capital city.

Moosie remains in history, experiencing life in the royal courts as a second-century Jew through the reign of King Solomon. Moosie governs with Solomon, travels the known world with him, and is even a party to his troubled relationships with women. He also participates in Solomon’s plans to protect the treasures amassed during the time of his kingdom by burying them in various locations throughout the world. Treasures that are – as Moosie is told by David, Solomon and his sons – needed for a future time.

The future time is now. Moosie has returned to Jerusalem under the guidance and protection of the BIWF (British Israel World Federation), an international organization that has spent years recovering Solomon’s treasures and attempting to identify the true heir to the line of King David. The BIWF, and secretly Moosie, believe he is the heir; because of this, Moosie’s life is in great danger.

In this up close and personal look at the lives of Kings David and Solomon, the scriptures come together by presenting the historical characters as regular, everyday people who lived through many of the same things we live through today. They went to war, they married and had children, they learned and made mistakes and they died. They also served God, and The Family of Chosen shows how we can serve with the same devotion that Moosie and these great men of the Bible exhibited.

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