Buenos Aires Argentina Real Estate Investors Guide By Taylor White

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s largest city, and the one tourists think of most often when they consider visiting Argentina. Buenos Aires is a thriving metropolis with a population of about 3 million people.

Just like the rest of Argentina, Buenos Aires real estate values took a real hit during the 2001 economic collapse. But, in the years since, the market for real estate in Argentina has been rising. This rise has been particularly fast in Buenos Aires in the last year. Much of the credit for this increase in value for real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina is due to foreign investors. Today, about 30% of the properties sold in Buenos Aires are sold to foreigners. Americans, French and Spanish citizens make up the bulk of foreign investors.

Real estate in Buenos Aires is the most expensive you’ll find in Argentina. However, when you compare its prices to those of other large cities around the world, like London or New York, the prices in Buenos Aires are still very good. For those who love the city life, living in Buenos Aires is a far better value than in most other big cities. And, you’ll sacrifice none of the culture you’re used to.

There are many different areas of Buenos Aires from which to choose. Some of the areas, such as Palermo Viejo, are very popular with foreign investors because they are picturesque, yet not as highly priced as areas that have been exclusive for many years, like Recoleta.

Because of the large number of downtown apartments available and because of the many different districts in Buenos Aires, many foreign visitors choose to rent an apartment for a few months before they buy. This allows them get to know the city better and determine where they really want to live. There are lots of apartments available to rent; many of them owned by foreign investors for their rental income.

There’s no better time to buy real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina than now. The Argentinian economy is growing very quickly. And, as the rest of the world begins to come out of its economic slump, more foreigners will have money to invest in real estate. This means that the great prices in Buenos Aires won’t last for too much longer.

The best way to get involved in real estate in Buenos Aires, Argentina is through a licensed agent who knows both the many districts of the town and the real estate buying process. This ensures that your transaction is carried out smoothly and without costly delays.

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