Business Insurance: Los Angeles Home Businesses Need It

Over thirty percent of homeowners in LA run a business from home, which means they should consider purchasing business insurance. Los Angeles home businesses are usually not covered under home insurance policies and that could mean devastating losses if you aren’t covered. –Business Insurance Los Angeles

In some cases, your home insurance will cover some of your business equipment, but this will be quite limited. The standard is up to $2,500 in the house, plus another $250 for equipment that is located outside the home. If you are involved in a lawsuit regarding your business, you won’t be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Protecting your business is vital and that may require having special home business insurance. Los Angeles providers make it simple to add this protection, which will cost anywhere between ten to thirty dollars a year if you simply add an endorsement to your usual home insurance.

For anyone who works full time on their home business, a full insurance package will be necessary to cover everything. Read the fine print carefully on all insurance policies to make sure that everything is properly covered. A business owner’s package deal can include all the choices you need to keep your business safe.

Without the correct coverage, you could stand to lose a lot of money if something happens in your home. Your best option is to discuss your situation with an agent to find out what your best choices would be. Explain what type of inventory you have on hand and the value of any and all business equipment before making a decision.

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