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Of all the fields of study, many argue that the most fascinating and most interesting is the sciences, this area of study concerns itself more with practicals than with theories, this is one of the main reasons why there seem to be a general lack of interest on this field especially among those who do not like practical works as much as they like theories.

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Teachers of science courses have a strong responsibility of not only teaching their students but of also instilling the curiosity and interest that is needed for the students to succeed in this field. Some of the experiments done in the field of science requires some gasses and compounds some of which will be mentioned briefly in this article.

One of the gasses that is used for science experiments is carbon dioxide. it is an invisible gas, represented by a symbol Co2. It is denser and heavier than air, it has a very important usage as it is an important gas in the production of fire extinguishers, most of the experiment done using this gas is usually to prove that it is denser than air.

Ferro liquid is another important substance in the chemical world, this liquid is a black liquid that manifests signs of magnetism, most persons even refer to it as the magnetic liquid, it is made up of the main liquid and particles of iron. Most of those who buy ferro liquid do so to confirm this magnetic properties.

Another substance commonly used in experiments is Helium. It is mostly used because of its effects on the voice, for this reason, it is usually advisable to avoid it staying to long on the lungs as this can be very harmful.

In conclusion, science teachers should try to do any thing to enhance the curiosity of science students as this can sustain their interest in the field and thereby enhance scientific researches and discoveries at the long run.

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