Buying Florida Auto Insurance

Imagine the pleasure you feel as you finish unpacking your boxes and realizing that your dream of starting a new life in the state of Florida is now a reality. The next step you will want to accomplish is getting your Florida Auto Insurance and driver’s license in order. You have thirty days after moving to do this.


When you go to apply for your Florida driver’s license at the DMV, bring in some identification and other paperwork with you to the license office. One of the documents you will need to bring with you is a copy of your birth certificate that is certified, and you will need to show that you have a Social Security registration. In addition you must show proof of your residence by bringing in two pieces of mail with your new address on it. Bring in your previous driver’s license from your former location so that the DMV can verify your driving record. If there is a doubt about your ability to drive safely you may have to take the written driving test with the Florida DMV. Further tests are also possible if there are concerns about your driving.

You must register your vehicle with the DMV in Florida, but first be sure to get Florida Auto Insurance from one of the many local insurers. When you do this, bring in the title to your car and your car’s VIN number.

One thing you should know about driving in your new chosen state of Florida is that the rules here for driving without a seatbelt or driving while possessing a blood alcohol lever above .08 are very strict.

So be sure to meet all the requirements of Florida Auto Insurance and state law. Then you will be able to enjoy driving in this beautiful state.

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