Car Insurance New York

New York requires all motorists to have car insurance new york before they can legally drive. If you are caught with no Car Insurance New York, you are likely to be charged expensive fines, temporary loss of driving privileges or your vehicle may be impounded which means you must pay to get it out. Some take the chance of driving with no coverage and they are taking a huge risk. They think the premiums are too costly but it is much more damaging financially to be involved in accidents with no coverage.Before you turn the key in the ignition and head to the highway without proper car insurance new york,learn the risks you take. After you are aware of the consequences, you can figure the price driving by yourself with no policy.


When you got to court about your citation, you will need proof of car insurance new york for the date you were pulled over so your fines will be voided. If you can show no proof, fines could run about $1200. to lawfully operate a vehicle, the judge may call for you to get an SR-22. This indicates the insurance provider will tell the court you are carrying insurance for a designated  number of years.

Getting pulled over with no car insurance new york your isn’t worth the costs. If you prefer to not take this chance, contact your local insurance agency right away. Just the basic requirement of liability will give you the needed protection. Gratify the state departments and put your mind at ease.

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