Car Insurance Orange County

Most any driver is aware that if they want to drive legally on the highway, they must be insured properly with car insurance orange county. Though many are aware of this requirement, most of them still opt to drive without the right coverage. they are not doing this with their intentions of hurting others but because they do not have the money to pay for premiums for car insurance orange county. So before you decide to dare operate you car with no coverage, you should be mindful about the consequences. –Car Insurance Orange County

A citation is a consequence of driving with no car insurance orange county. If you are stopped by an officer and can’t give proof of coverage, you will get a ticket on the spot. the fees can run as much as $1200. Though your fines may be lowered or even waived in some cases, they are more expensive than a year’s worth of coverage. Carrying a lapsed card will not help as it can be verified by the state of California.

On the day of your hearing, do not drive to the courthouse without the proper coverage. Occasionally, checkpoints will be set up to validate the license and insurance card. If you get caught once more, the fines could be raised and you may not be able to make your court date. this time, your car could get impounded again and you will possible be issued another citation added to the ones you already have an a warrant. So if you think about it, paying monthly for car insurance orange county is much cheaper than getting caught without it.

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