Careers Advice on How to Get Your Dream Job by Thinking like a Child Again

We all dream about that perfect job where it is an absolute joy to wake up in the morning and look forward to getting to your place of work rather than the reality of what most of us face.
When you think back to when you were a child I am sure that you didn’t expect to be working as a clerical or admin assistant, accounts clerk or window cleaner!
Our dreams and ambitions change as we get older and gain more experience in the real world and this can often affect us in very negative ways. Why should you give up your dreams just to work to exist and pay the bills?
Some people appear to be lucky and just find the job they have always wanted or fall into a position with a company that they love to work for – but this isn’t the norm.
So what can you do if you are stuck in a dead-end job just sat waiting for the clock to tick over to finish time and then you go home and have a few hours until it all starts again the next day, the daily grind as most of us refer to it.
One way to combat this is to start to dream again. Think about if money or circumstances were no object what would you really like to do as a job?
Start your own business perhaps, or work in science to help make the world a better place?
What did you dream about when you were a child?
A lot of people wanted to be an astronaut, a fireman or woman, a nurse and many other wonderful fulfilling professions.
So why don’t you do something about it rather than just existing and putting up with a job that you hate?
The first step is to jot down a few ideas of what you would love to do. Then work out if you are already qualified and if not find out what training you will need to do.
Once you have identified the job you want you can then apply for the training courses if you need them and if not get straight on to searching for available positions and sending off your applications.
You can still dream and if you persist with your dream then you will find yourself in a much happier and more fulfilling place.

If you want some help with this you can look at over two thousand job videos across more than forty sectors to give you some idea of what the job or profession entails – visit our careers advice website now to find out more.
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