Carp Fishing Tackle Assessment: The MAP Carptek Reel

Contrary to my assumptions, carp do not originally come from either the UK or Europe, either. The species actually was introduced into these regions from central Asia, where it originated in the Caspian Sea about 10,000 years ago. Eventually, carp spread into China and other areas of the Far East. Carp appeared in Europe about 8000 years ago, and were brought by the Romans into Italy and other regions they dominated, but not the UK. Europe and the UK saw a major rise in carp due to their being seen as a food source after the fall of Rome precipitated a rise of Christianity. It doesn’t matter how we came to have carp here, I’m just happy they’re here! I greatly enjoy taking my carp fishing tackle, and setting out towards my preferred fishing spot. Whenever I select fishing gear for such outings, I usually choose my MAP Carptek reel. This is why I do so.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Key Features of the MAP Carptek Reel

I like this brand of reel because they are very high-quality. Also, I’ve found them to have a good array of extras that gives them added value for the price. ?30 will get you a reel with front or rear drag, which is wonderful, as I take great pleasure in reeling in a spirited carp using the drag system. You can carefully align the drag with your line as a result of the micro adjustable drag. MAP freespin reels have an optimal combination of superior performance with extreme affordability.

Carp Fishing Tackle: A Little More About the MAP Carptek Reel

This reel operates smoothly thanks in large part to its 9 + 1 ball bearings. It has a double handle, and a rubberised paint finish to resist corrosion and damage. Another admirable feature of the reel is the fact that the spool (made from strong, light alloy) has a low level of friction. 5.2:1 is the gear ratio. And there is a multi-stop anti-reverse, an oversized main gear, and a balanced rotor included on this reel. For extra value, the reel comes with 2 spare spools. Each reel from Carptek includes a machined alloy line roller that provides very smooth retrieval of your line. All these features converge to make the MAP Carptek reel a high-performing reel with an exceptionally affordable price.

Carp Fishing Tackle: Concluding Remarks on the MAP Carptek Reel

This MAP reel has many advantages. It is both sleek in design plus extremely responsive. Being so versatile allows this reel to serve as a wonderful piece of carp fishing tackle when using commercial fisheries as well as rivers. The Carptek reel comes supplied with MAP’s high quality fittings, and features an anti-lock 1K woven carbon fibre blank. Fibre labelled 1K is quite rare and also very light compared to others in its class, and it is also very strong and durable from extensive use in the cycling industry. The Carptek reel will handle lines in the range of 2.5lb to 5lb, and hook lengths of 2lb to 4lb.

My MAP Carptek reel is one piece of carp fishing tackle that I wholeheartedly recommend.

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