Children Who Move Beyond Stereotypes by Todd Rutherford

Often it is hard for children to understand why some people are different in personality, skin color, and disabilities, and they can oftentimes turn their confusion into hurtful comments to others without knowing the effects these comments can have. If every child were taught by their parents or teachers that being different is good and does not make anyone inferior, then child and teen suicide rates due to bullying would decrease dramatically.

Children’s book author, Don M. Winn, recognized this problem in children and decided to do something about it by creating the book Watch Cat, a children’s book about an ordinary house cat who stops a robbery and becomes a neighborhood hero, changing the way people view only dogs as heroes, and not cats as well. This story is about appreciating the differences between dogs and cats and understanding that anybody can be a hero. The book teaches with colorful illustrations, rhymes, and interactive questions at the end of the story, all of which work together for a fun and effective learning tool.

“Several of my books deal with real life situations that most of us have faced from a young age,” says the author. “My hope is that they will really help parents to make even one more connection with their kids through reading the books together, because life is so fast-paced and can be very difficult. Maybe one of my stories will make it easier for them to help their children by really opening up discussions between them and helping them to increase the loving bond that they already have.”

Mr. Winn did not stop at just writing about the importance of appreciating the differences in others. He has also written books about dealing with bullying and standing up to peer pressure, never giving up or being afraid of failure, succeeding despite a learning problem, encouraging imagination and learning, urging kids to pay attention in school, and more.

Creator and author of the Cardboard Box Adventures book series, Don M. Winn struggled with dyslexia, family turmoil, and constant uprooting from place to place and from school to school as a child. As a result, he learned many valuable lessons that are reflected in the person he is today. It is these lessons that inspired him to create children’s books that teach valuable life lessons by encouraging the use of imagination and facilitating interaction with parents and teachers.

Some of Mr. Winn’s favorite memories from childhood involve time spent living out imaginary adventures inside a simple cardboard box; thus the name of his storyline, “Cardboard Box Adventures.” His book Watch Cat will have children appreciating, rather than scorning, the differences they see among themselves and others.

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