Children Who Overcome Peer Pressure and Bullies by Todd Rutherford

Bullying has become a problem in many of our school systems. Recently bullying has been on the rise due to the addition of cyber bullying on the Internet. In fact, according to a telephone survey of 384 American adult parents, bullying was the number-one fear of parents surveyed, with 30 percent of parents listing it above fears such as kidnapping, which came in at 27 percent. Also, because of the anonymity allowed by the Internet, bullies are bolder and even more hurtful on the Internet than they would be in person, and this is believed to have contributed to a rise in child and teen suicide rates.

Due to these alarming statistics illustrated by, parents need to be informed and equipped with all the knowledge and tools possible in order to keep their children safe. This is the motivation that has prompted children’s book author, Don M. Winn, to create Shelby the Cat, an interactive children’s book that conveys the importance of withstanding peer pressure and dealing with bullies.

“Several of my books deal with real life situations that most of us have faced from a young age,” said Mr. Winn. “My hope is that they will really help parents to make even one more connection with their kids through reading the books together, because life is so fast-paced and can be very difficult. Maybe one of my stories will make it easier for them to help their children by really already have.”

Mr. Winn did not stop at just writing about dealing with bullies and peer pressure. He has also written children’s books about other popular issues such as never giving up or being afraid of failure, succeeding despite learning problems, encouraging imagination and learning, appreciating the differences in other people and yourselves, urging kids to pay attention in school, and more.

Creator and author of the Cardboard Box Adventures book series, Don M. Winn struggled with dyslexia, family turmoil, and constant uprooting from place to place and school to school as a child. As a result, he learned many valuable lessons that are reflected in the person he is today. It is these lessons that inspired him to create children’s books that teach valuable life lessons to children by encouraging the use of imagination and facilitating interaction with parents and teachers.

Some of Mr. Winn’s favorite memories from childhood involve time spent living out imaginary adventures inside a simple cardboard box; thus the name of his storyline “Cardboard Box Adventures.” Read Shelby the Cat for an adventurous learning experience in overcoming the bullies and peer pressure in your children’s lives.

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