Choose A Good Pipe And The Right Pipe Tobacco

Any person who is an avid pipe smoker enjoys the process of finding just the right pipe tobacco and the right pipe to enhance their pleasure. There is often a ritual involved in pipe smoking and the steps of preparing the pipe and the tobacco are part of a relaxing and soothing activity. For the pipe smoker to be truly happy, he must find the right combination of pipe and tobacco that work well together.


Many different kinds of pipes are available, including those made from various kinds of wood, clay or glass. In some cases, the material of the pipe may interfere with the taste of the pipe tobacco. Meerschaum is often a preferred material because it produces a cleaner smoke. The stone material absorbs some of the tobacco tars. A meerschaum pipe is quite light in weight and easy to hold in the hand.

After choosing one or more pipes for use in smoking, the dedicated pipe smoker will also want to try out several kinds of pipe tobacco. Some tobaccos offer hints of flavor such as cherry or walnut. Pipe tobacco can also have an intoxicating aroma such as vanilla or chocolate.

Many pipe smokers enjoy blending different flavors of tobacco to get a unique result. Some tobacco has been treated with sugar and has a rich taste. There are many English blends that are not flavored while they are cured. The Cavendish technique of curing and cutting pipe tobacco releases a natural sweet flavor.

Because the taste and aroma of the pipe tobacco will be affected by the pipe, it may take some experimentation to find just the right combination of both. The method by which the pipe tobacco was cured will have a big effect on the flavor of the tobacco.

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