Cigar Holders Keep Cigars Fresh

The smoking of tobacco has been around with humans for over 7000 years in America. Archaeologists have however no proof of whether cigar holders were in use over this period. Ancient Mayan artifacts do indicate that pipes to smoke tobacco were in use during that civilization. Smoking has always been an addictive vice ever since its inception and was resorted to as a stress reliever and also to indicate a social act. It has always been persecuted as a bad habit even in ancient times. There are a number of illustrations to indicate that rulers in the ancient days punished those who smoked and this trend persists to this day. The Patriarch of Moscow ruled against smoking in 1634 and the Manchus of the Qing Dynasty in China and Ottoman Empires Murad IV also decreed against this habit.


However in spite of such efforts the trade in tobacco continued to flourish and reached its peak when the European countries colonized countries in Asia, North and South America. The tobacco trade flourished and became a very lucrative trading activity that the British followed with their Chinese counterparts. It was only in the 1850s that the cigar holder seems to have come into use. A Siamese ambassador in the year 1861 gifted a cigar holder to Prosper Merimee and this has been documented by E.A.S. Watt in his publication “The Love Letters of A Genius” written in 1905.

This invention was patented as an accessory in 1881 and the person holding the patent of a cigar holder is From Brooklyn, New York; a certain Henry. A. Stone. While a cigar holder is considered as an accessory that gives prestige to its owner, it also keeps cigars in good shape and allows them to maintain their freshness.

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