Cigar Lighter The Indispensable Cigar Smoking Accessory … And More

If you are one who likes nothing more than relaxing and indulging in conversation with your buddies while puffing that prized premium cigar, the right accessories can make such occasions as enjoyable as they can get. If you happen to be a new cigar smoker, chances are, you may be unfamiliar with the kind of accessories needed. To get the best aroma and flavor out of every puff from your cigar, items like an efficient humidor, reliable cigar lighter, and sharp cigar cutter are must-haves.


Humidors If a humidor is something you do not possess, the time to buy one is now. Humidors are basically cases designed to keep moisture and other pollutants out, and your cigars fresh and flavorful. Cigars, stored in an ordinary box, usually become dry and lose their aroma and taste, whereas a cigar humidor maintains the ideal balance between humidity and temperature. This accessory is beneficial as it increases the life of your collection of cigars. As a new entrant in the arena of cigar smoking, you must know that the refrigerator is an unsuitable place to store your cigars. Cigars usually turn dry when kept in refrigerators. This is one big reason why you need to look at the wide range of humidors on offer and select one that reflects your individual sense of style and taste.

Cigar Lighters A cigar lighter is another indispensable accessory that must also be purchased. New cigars smokers invariably overlook or discount the importance of high-quality, propane or butane lighters. Standard ‘Bic’ lighters cannot and should not be used to light cigars. Instead, the steady flame of a windproof cigar lighter will be more appropriate for long-term use. The integrity cigar flavors can be significantly affected if the cigars are unevenly lit. So, do make a quality propane or butane lighter an integral part of your cigar smoking accessories collection. The nicest part is that these lighters are available in a large and varied number of styles, many featuring pictures and decorative engravings.

Cigar Cutters This is yet another accessory of importance. Standard scissors are totally unsuitable for cutting a cigar as they will affect the quality of the cigar itself. The accessories specially made for cigar cutting regardless of their lengths, are scissor cutters, straight cutters and puncture cutters. A straight cutter has an exclusive set of blades and looks similar to a standard pair of scissors. A straight cutter is a commonly used option and resembles a guillotine in appearance. The puncture cutter removes cigar plugs and creates minute air holes.

A pleasant and enjoyable experience is what you would naturally expect after spending money on expensive, premium-quality cigars. However, with the wrong choice of accessories, your cigar smoking experiences can be significantly ruined. This explains why you must invest in a cigar lighter, humidor and cutter of the highest quality. Well, that is if you wish to enjoy many happy, relaxing and mood-setting cigar-smoking moments with your friends.

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