Cloud Computing Risks to Watch For

While cloud computing offers many benefits to healthcare providers—ease of collaboration, scalability and integrated machine learning, for instance—it also opens up new security concerns. Providers interested in updating their systems need to also update the precautions they use to address the risks of cloud computing in healthcare.

Transition Period

The migration from conventional, on-site systems to the cloud can be a rough process. Providers need to ensure that employees understand how to effectively and safely use the new system. Otherwise, user error can lead to mishandling of data and security vulnerabilities.

HIPAA Compliance

The obligation to protect patient data is nothing new for the healthcare industry. However, because cloud computing allows anyone remote access to users, providers have to be careful about who has access to what files on the network.

Loss of Control

By moving data off-site and into the hands of a cloud service provider, you lose direct control over that data. Additionally, you become subject to the cloud service’s storage limits and the potential for downtime on their end. Do research on providers to learn what security measures they use and whether they have the bandwidth to support your usage.

Despite these risk areas, cloud computing can streamline the record-keeping side of healthcare, enabling better service for patients. Take the time to consider the risks so you can make the most of the benefits.

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