Cloud Server Offers Hosting With a Dedicated IP

Building a web presence these days is as easy as it gets. There are various options for the way you want your online presence (e.g. official websites, blogs, etc), how you want to develop your chosen online platform (self design or professional help), how you want it to generate revenue (online ads) and finally where you want to host it. Like the earlier points, web hosting also offers a number of options today. If you are a small business with limited revenue, you should choose a shared server. If you are a relatively larger company, you may need to go with the option of a cloud server. cloud servers can be widely categorized as being mainstream servers and offshore servers. Whereas mainstream web hosting is also provided by the likes of Microsoft etc, offshore web hosting services are mostly anonymous.
When you acquire web hosting services from a remote provider, it is termed as offshore web hosting. Offshore Cloud Servers have gradually turned into a big phenomenon throughout the world. These servers are usually opted for by small and medium sized businesses that have a need for greater security for their websites and which mainland cloud servers are incapable of offering.
There are many types of business that opt for an offshore cloud server including those dealing with electronic money and investment funds with high yields. Sometimes freedom of expression also calls for offline cloud server hosting, for example websites with mainly political content. Most of these services offer anonymous hosting packages to their clients. However, both offshore shared and virtual (VPS) servers offer much less stability and reliability than their mainland counterparts. The reason is mostly the very nature of the websites hosted on them. Then there could be scams abusing the offshore cloud servers or a DDOS attack initiated by their competitors or a third party affected by the hosted websites. When an offshore cloud server offers hosting with a dedicated IP, it might prove to be a better option.
A virtual cloud server provides users great control on their server setting. This comes in really handy when handling a challenging application program or a difficult development task. It is also a great support with it comes to managing huge online traffic. It is a great way to getting the flexibility and dynamism of a cloud server at a cheaper price. However, it should not be taken for granted that all virtual servers are equally good. You must first identify your offshore hosting requirements and then weigh your options.
An offshore cloud servers can be the best option available. With a flourishing business generating consistent high revenue with high traffic, make sure you do not use a shared server or VPS. This will be a risk for you with the probable downtime it may experience or the slow speed of the connection.
Before making a decision about selecting a server and a service provider, be sure you have gone through all available information and have considered the pros and cons in detail.

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