Club Insurance: A Must-Have For Every Club

Having club insurance is one factor that will affect the name and performance of the club. First consideration by the club owner is the insurance types available. Different clubs need different insurance policies. It depends on what the club offers.

The most usual insurance type is the liability insurance. This insurance will protect the club in case a complaint will be filed in the court. Clubs such as sports, fitness, hunting or clubs for children should have this liability insurance. The club seems to be incomplete and missing something without this insurance.


Another important club insurance required to clubs owning or renting a property is the property insurance. This insurance covers the building itself and all costly equipments found inside the building. That is why, to have a proper coverage, all equipment should be written and included in the policy. Purchased new equipment should be written and followed up in the policy so it will not be missed out.

Clubs having employees should have employment practice liability coverage. The scene wherein dissatisfied and displeased employee sues the club is not anymore unusual. Even those who are not yet hired could file a case if he or she thinks that the club discriminated him or her or is being unjust and unfair. Employment practice liability coverage serves as a protection for the club and its name if lawsuits will be filed in the court. Lawsuits commonly cause bad publicity to the club, so this insurance is a great help in preventing something like this to happen.

Clubs can choose to have either multiple policies or single insurance policy. If a club decides to buy two or more insurance types, it is best to look for an agency offering insurance package. Insurance packages usually include the most needed insurance types. Another advantage is that these packages are reasonably priced so the club surely will benefit a lot in terms of cost savings. It is also necessary to choose the best insurance agency which offers both affordable prices and appropriate and efficient way of providing compensation.

All given insurance policy choices should be researched thoroughly by the club owner before deciding what club insurance to purchase. The law frequently requires insurances like property insurance and commercial auto insurance. Other insurance forms on the other hand are not compulsory but are best to have. For whatever reason a club may be sued, having the correct forms of insurance could provide the required coverage. Should there be any untoward accidents, lawsuits, natural disasters and the like causing the club to lose big amount of money, club owners should worry no more for having the correct insurance types will save the club from completely closing and shutting down.

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