“Club Insurance: Your Most Vital Inventory Item”

There are countless expenses encountered by the owner of a fitness club, and club insurance is not the one he wants to put off. Of all the things the owner of a new business has to worry about, the unknown should not be one of them. In fact, his insurance agent may just be his most valued acquaintance. Insurance can also be used as good publicity for the fitness club. More people will want to workout at a club they feel safe at, because they are covered when they walk through the door.


Covering members does not mean that the club owner is going to go broke because of it. The cost can easily be included in the price of membership. A group policy is much more affordable than having a policy for each member, and the club owner will want to explore that avenue with his provider. A group rate is also something that the owner can include in his advertising. Of course, one drawback with that could be that the clients would see themselves as paying for something they do not think they should have to.

By the time the club owner has trained his staff, sunk all of his money into machines, supplies, and payroll, the last thing he is going to want to think about is club insurance. However, it should be the first thing that he thinks about. He can afford to buy one less treadmill, he cannot afford, however, to not buy the proper insurance.

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