Club Liability Insurance

Anyone who is set on saving money will ultimately have some type of club liability insurance in place. Many clubs such as spas and swim meets offer this coverage to their members for a small fee. This insurance is good to have for both the members and the business.

Clubs get sued every day. Someone gets hurt, or slips and fall, and breaks an arm. In any case, if it happens on the property the company could be held liable. For this reason alone the promotion of health insurance should be encouraged and offered to every member who may join the club. Not only is personal injury a factor when working with the general public, there is also the claim of sexual harassment.


A liability case could run up in the millions, depending upon the seriousness of the incident. There are lawyer fee, salaries, and other legal issues that have to be dealt with. Aside from personal injury protection there is also property damage and employment liability insurance. Employees will also need to be covered to if they receive a injury at work. Most business owners do not think about insuring their equipment. They fail to realize that broken equipment can injure someone or cause a business to slow down in membership.

Having liability insurance is the first step towards accountability. No one can afford to pay for replacement gym machines and hospital bills. That is why having insurance is so important. Obtaining club membership liability insurance is always preferable.

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