Commercial Property Insurance

Every commercial property owner must think about the potential risks to their investment. When something happens, such as a fire or theft, you should have enough commercial property insurance coverage to be able to handle the costs involved. –Commercial Property Insurance

Make sure that you have a complete policy, one that will thoroughly cover your building and property from loss or damage. Besides the building and the land, you should consider a policy that covers things like outdoor signs, fencing and landscaping. And don’t forget off site property that belongs to the business.

Work with an experienced agent. They will ask the right questions to make sure that you have the correct riders to cover items that are not included in a basic policy. They should also guide you in creating a record of what is being covered such as photographing the building, property, office furniture and equipment. Be sure you accurately value these items so you have the right amount of insurance.

Find and work with a reputable agent. You want to be confident discussion options such as replacement coverage or, the more expensive coverage that will replace items at their actual value. While the later type of coverage is more expensive, insurance might not be the best place to compromise and save money. The reason you purchase insurance is so, in the case of a disaster, you can get your business back up and running quickly. Good, thorough commercial property insurance coverage will allow you to do that without worrying about where the money is going to come from.

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