Cover Letter Examples Make Your Professional Cover Letter Creation Easy

Writing a cover letter for your job application is so important yet many people find it difficult to get the words just right. If you could get some really good quality and well written cover letter examples it would make the whole process much easier and take away at least some of the stress of job hunting. Especially if they were free!

Most people find letter-writing in general quite difficult; made all the more so when it comes to writing about themselves. How do you get the balance of a cover letter just right without either boring the reader rigid, or sounding too cocky?

Because it can be so difficult, some people put all of their emphasis into preparing their Resume or CV. Whilst this too is important, many recruiters or hiring managers will turn to the covering letter first to understand the applicant and determine their reasons for applying.

You must take advantage of this by submitting a well-written cover letter that has been customised to the specific situation and application. Many cover letter examples I see as a Recruiter and Career Coach are clearly copies of other applications made before – even sometimes with the previous addressee’s name on them!

Do not think you can get away with this, it just marks you out as lazy!

So what you need as your starting point are some good quality cover letters with well chosen words that guarantee interest, then all you need to do is alter the lines that relate to YOU and YOUR SKILLS plus any specific personal information requested.

Because a great cover letter is also a simple cover letter with the right words, this effect can be achieved.

Armed with a great covering letter for your application and being ready to follow up any intermediate enquiries, PLUS sending a ‘Thank-You’ letter after your interview, can make the difference between success and failure. To help you along, on my Career Change web-site I have included 8 cover letter examples – all carefully written – that can easily be modified as I suggested above; in fact if you look around you will find masses of information to show you precisely how to modify your letter for maximum impact.

As well as great cover letter examples for the application itself, you will also find a ‘Thank-You Letter’ plus a version of a ‘Resignation Letter’. This is how free cover letter examples make your cover letter writing simple.

Find free cover letter examples by clicking this link. Site contains over 20 types of cover letter examples including student, nurse and engineer cover letter.

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