Cover Letter Examples-Must Use Tool For Job Hunters

Cover letter examples (also known as covering letters or motivation letters) can be a great tool to get you on the right track to creating a high quality covering letter. If you choose examples that demonstrate some of the key factors that make covering letters successful, you’ll be starting off on the right track. Obviously, you would then need to write your own covering letter from the example. Without a high quality letter, your resume might never even have a chance. Many employers will take an initial look at someone’s covering letter; if it’s of poor quality, they’ll just ignore the rest (the resume)!

In this article I will provide you with a few checklist items that your selected cover letter examples must have. I will also, at the end, provide you with a great resource for cover letter examples, tips, seldom used but highly effective phrases, and software. Please read on and drastically improve your chances at getting you dream job!

Now, on with the checklist… Here are a few items that you must make sure are present in any cover letter examples you use:

1. The letter should always address a specific person, not a job role (i.e. Dear Manager…). Addressing someone by their role, and not their name, is impersonal. You want to try to come across as being friendly and personable.

2. There should be a section that is intended for you to express yourself and your key qualifications/strengths. This should not be a lengthy section, but should assist in focusing your prospective employer’s attention to your key strengths.

3. There should be a section for you to point out what it is about the job that intrigues you. This is important in that is demonstrates that you have payed individual attention to the specific job at hand.

As you can see from some of the checklist items above, one of the common goals is to help your prospective employer understand that you have not just sent out the same motivation letter to a large group of companies. Using cover letter examples as starting points, you can more quickly create a variety of high quality motivation letters that will get you the job you want. has over 40 cover letter examples and resume examples. Site is free and no login is required to utilize these cover letter examples. Make sure you take advantage of them!

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