Cycloc Bike Rack Design for the Cycling Designer

March 18th, 2011 by John Reeve

Bike rack design for designers

Let’s face it, bikes are pretty cool right now. Fixed gear bicycles can be spotted on every street corner and city commuter style bikes are hot sellers at any local bike shop. And it’s not just the rise in gas prices driving sales. Bike companies, like Linus, Civia, and Jamis, are designing some sweet looking townies and commuter bikes. There has never been a better time, nor a better reason, to get on a bike and start pedaling around town or commuting to work.

Once you get hooked, you are going to need some accessories to go with that bike. I’ll leave it up to you to go check out your local bike shop to outfit your bike. However, I would like to recommend one product in particular for those of you who find yourself commuting a lot and don’t have a ton of space to store your bike.

When we moved to our new office last year the first thing we asked ourselves was “where are we going to store all of our bikes?” We needed something with a low profile that would complement the Spanish style architecture of our newly renovated building. After clicking through site after site of clunky, conspicuous bike racks, we finally happened upon the Cycloc.

Cycloc - Bicycle storage with a twistThe Cycloc is a beautifully designed and subtly European looking cylindrical tube with hook shaped recesses for hanging your bike from any wall. The install options enable you to hang the bike in a number of ways. We installed our Cycloc in a way we could hang our bikes with the head tube facing down, wheels to the left, due to the constraints of the wall in our parking lot.

If you work at any type of creative agency, web design studo, web development shop, or any type of fun creative place, and you are looking for a creative way to stash your bikes, go with the Cycloc. Better get a few of them, though, because once people see your ride hanging on the wall like a piece of art, they are going to start commuting to work, too.

For those of you in the Santa Barbara area, you can pick up a Cycloc (as well as the bike brands mentioned in this post) at Wheelhouse Bikes.

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