Dangers of Slimming Down with Certain Methods

Because it’s hard to stick to a diet and exercise daily, some people decide to use weight loss methods that can be very risky. Most usually, women are falling back to these risky methods as they feel pressured into being thin by society. It is more frequent for women to use these risky methods because of society’s constant pressure to be thin. Everyone wants to be at their best weight, but when you imperil your overall health in your pursuit to lose weight, you run the hazard of becoming ill.
In this article, I’ll be discussing these methods so that you can stay away from them.

Starvation is a typical drastic diet plan that people follow even though it can cause them to feel very worn-out. This normally involves not having breakfast or lunch and often both of these meals. Even though your body is forcefully telling you that you’re famished and need food, you say to yourself mentally that you’re not starved. However, after a while your body learns to conform. As you consume less and less, your body becomes worried that it won’t be given food so your metabolism decelerates drastically to preserve energy, meaning you will burn off less fat throughout the day. When you resume typical eating habits again, your metabolism will remain slower resulting in your easily storing calories, causing you to speedily gain more fat. You will get rid of excess pounds by starving yourself, but not as much as you would with a right diet and workout program. Isn’t it better to eat food, be healthy and shed off even more pounds?

Starving yourself can sometimes cause anorexia. You start to be always scared that you will become obese and so you fear food, eat as little as possible, and become alarmingly thin. Anorexia can cause a weaker immune system, hair loss and even demise. Numerous younger people follow starvation diets but if you mentally set your mind on starving yourself, it can lead to anorexia which is damaging for the body and your health.

Binge-eating syndrome is another risky weight loss method. People who employ this method consume huge amounts of food and then regurgitate so that the calories do not stay in their body. They are not scared of food as anorexics do, but they feel guilt-ridden after gorging on large amounts of food and so they throw it back up. You can’t tell if an indivudal has a binge-eating syndrome as their body weight doesnt fluctuate too much, whereas with the other diets you can see people losing weight. Vomiting your food is tough on your body. It can have bad effects on your heart, liver and kidneys. Stomach ulcers may develop because of the routine throwing up of food. Your esophagus mught be destroyed by the stomach acid and your teeth may lose their enamel. Your pharynx might as well get acid burns. You can gravely injure your body by sicking back up your food.

The best approach is to eat modest portions of healthy foods. Consume smaller portions and avoid eating unhealthy foods. You can slim down safely and expeditiously without resorting to drastic and unsafe measures.

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