Decorating wooden Adirondack chair

There could be nothing more rewarding than spending a relaxing evening rocking on a wooden Adirondack chair, on a porch surrounded by wild flowers. These wonderful pieces of furniture are loved by old and young because they remind us of the ‘good ol’ days’. It was Thomas Lee, who was in Westport, New York during summer of 1903, who came up with the idea of Adirondack chairs, while spending a revitalizing vacation in the Adirondack Mountains.

This original wooden Adirondack chair made of eleven pieces of smoothed wood cut out from the same board soon became popular in surrounding areas of Adirondack. They had straight seats and backs plus wide, smooth armrests, which were set in such a way that one could sit comfortably on the steep inclined mountains.

These wooden Adirondack chairs that were first vastly popular in summer residences soon spread to restaurants especially because they had wide arm rests on which diners could place their trays. This way, restaurants could offer outdoor dining with individual seating without setting tables. Today, many schools use wooden Adirondack chairs too. Thomas Lee’s wooden Adirondack chairs have become a mark of antiquity in modern homes and a resemblance of hominess in countryside cottages.

Since the first mass manufacturing of wooden Adirondack chairs by Harry Bunnel, in 1905, they have changed in shapes and designs, to suit the needs of the dynamic world of architecture. Wooden Adirondack chairs are the ancestors of modern seats such as gliders and loveseats. These chairs have gained popularity rapidly due to the comfort levels they offer. Most wooden Adirondack chair designs offer good back support and armrests and sometimes even foot rests. Thus they can even be used as a replacement for beds if needed.

Wooden Adirondack chairs that have been around for over a century still remains the most popular type of outdoor furniture, giving you the feeling of being on a vacation, even if it’s in the heart of a buzzing city. Whether they are the typical sturdy, straight backed Wooden Adirondack chair, an extra large ‘big daddy’ type one with leg rests, a rocker with rounded legs on the normal design or a Wooden Adirondack swing chair, they will always guarantee the maximum level of comfort.

Since Wooden Adirondack chairs can be made of a variety of wood types, selecting one with the right features is highly important. A durable, light weight, carefully cut chair will be the perfect choice. Wooden Adirondack chairs are so easy to make and hence, if you are capable of simple wood-work, you can easily produce your own within hours. Redwood and Mahogany are the most popular wood choices when it comes to producing outdoor furniture because they don’t split, or cup easily, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

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