Denver Property Insurance

Whether you own a property or not, you may need property insurance.  Denver insurance, concerning property comes in three forms, one of which is renters insurance.  Renters own no property, but need to think about their possessions.  No one wants to lose all they have.  Understanding renters insurance may help you make good decision about what is best for you.


Coverage of Personal Property

Landlord insurance does not cover tenant belongings.  It is designed to protect landlord property.  Renters insurance protects your personal items that might need to be repaired or replaced in case of damage or destruction in a covered loss. Fire, burglary, vandalism, weather, explosion, and civil riot are considered covered loss.  It can be quite expensive proposition to pay out of pocket.

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance is included in Denver insurance for renters.  Anyone hurt in your home can sue for negligence.  Insurance concerning personal liability  also covers off premises losses as well.  A basic policy gives a coverage of $100,000.  Higher premiums will increase this limit.  The insurance company will cover founded claims and also the cost of legal defense of unfounded claims.

Loss of Use

Renters often do not think about where they will stay or how much it will cost if their apartment is deemed unlivable.  You may still be charged rent if the loss is not the landlord’s fault.  Loss of use coverage pays the increased cost of different housing while repairs are done.  Replacement clothing and food cost following the loss is included . Most policies give two years coverage without limit on money.

These are three vital options available in a renter’s Denver insurance policy.  Without insurance, loss replacement becomes an expensive responsibility.  Find an insurance agent and discuss affordable prices for renters insurance.

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