Discover How Plate Magnets Are Used In Food Processing

Healthy living demands that we eat food free of harmful chemicals or materials. It is because of this reason that the government has put in place policies to regulate the food industry. The policies demand that every batch of processed food produced in a food processing industry must be tested to determine whether or no it is suitable for human consumption. Some of the measures put in place by food industries to make sure that food is safe include using plate magnets to separate metallic objects when the food is being processed.


Plate magnets are placed towards the end of the manufacturing process in a chute. The chute is usually inclined at an angle to enable the force of gravity to move it from one level to the next. Some industries prefer to use conveyor belts for this purpose. While the chute is usually enclosed, some parts are exposed to make human inspection possible.

The plate magnets used in this process are long, powerful magnets which are installed only a few inches above the food. Food industries invest a lot of time, manpower and money to ensure that the food they produce is of the highest possible quality. Failure to produce high quality products leads to public outcry and lawsuits from consumer unions as well as attract fines from the government.

Plate magnets are very effective in removing metallic objects from the food being processed. however, not all metallic objects are removed because not all metals are ferromagnetic.

The magnets used in the food processing industries must be cleaned regularly otherwise the captured metals might fall back into the food. The plate magnets also become less effective when a thick layer of waste metal is on its surface, cleaning should therefore be done frequently by qualified technicians.

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