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Nintendo is a very famous company based in Japan which has created a niche for itself in the video games market. Over the years Nintendo has evolved and simultaneously defined the gaming industry and is a tough competitor in this market. Currently Nintendo offers products like Nintendo DS and its various other advanced versions like Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL. Its new product Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to be released in 2011.Nintendo’s Wii is the gaming console of Nintendo, which competes with Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation.

Nintendo offers close to 1146 games to its customers all over the world that can be played on Wii and close to 930 games that can be plays on Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi. There are several games in the entire list of Nintendo games that are worth the money they cost. Given below are some of these games.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda is an action and adventure packed gamed released by Nintendo for its Wii consoles and GameCube and is the thirteenth installment in the popular Legend of Zelda series of games. The story revolves around the Link the protagonist in the series who is trying to prevent Hyrule from being engulfed by the Twilight Realm which is a corrupted parallel dimension. In order to save Hyrule, Link assumes the form of both man and a wolf and with the help of Midna a magical creature, they set out on their quest. The game offers the player an amazing game play and keeps the player hooked on to it till every end. The game has won several accolades and has been received well by Nintendo gamers all over the world. It has also received the perfect scores and ratings in leading magazines and journals. This is considered to the greatest Zelda game ever to have been created by the developers.

New Super Mario Bros

Mario and Luigi never fail to charm gamers all over the world. The latest installment of adventures of Super Mario Bros is captured in this New Super Mario Bros that was developed by Nintendo for Wii. The game allows both the players to participate in the game at the same time. Mario finds himself pitted against Bowser’s cronies and he has to defeat them to rescue Princess Peach. In this game Mario has can avail power-ups like the star man, Ice Flower and the Fire Flower that give him the extra strength and other unique abilities with which he can defeat his enemies. Mario also has to fight against Bowser’s children, Bowser Jr. and Koopalings before he can fight against Bowser himself. Up to 4 players can play this game at a time, donning various characters namely, Mario, Luigi or two Toad characters. Most of the characters are seen in 2D, where as there are some that are 3D characters too. This game has also been critically acclaimed and highly successful commercially for Nintendo and has also received awards like the Wii Game of the year, Best Wii game and several others.

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