E & O Insurance – The Ultimate Business Cover.

As a businessman running a thriving business in this competitive world, the benefits of an insurance cover cannot be gainsaid. You should take up an all-inclusive commercial insurance cover to safeguard you against losses. If you provide professional services, having general and professional liability insurance cover will safeguard you from subjecting your career to risks. In addition to insurance covers mentioned above, you should also go for an errors and omissions insurance cover. E & O Insurance


An e & o insurance cover is designed for professionals offering public service. This specialty liability cover will compensate you in the event of errors or omissions on your part or on your employees. Given that man is to error, all transactions that you enter on a daily basis have an equal likelihood of attracting claims. You should invest in e & o insurance policy to mitigate the burden of paying for defense, settlements or judgment costs.

You can purchase e & o insurance from majority of commercial insurance agencies. These agencies offer specialty e & o insurance tailor-made for your professional needs. When comparing different e & o insurance covers, talk to your insurance agent to find out which exposures are covered in one policy and not covered in the other. Ask for riders if an exposure which you need cover against is excluded so that you get extended coverage. Before taking any form of coverage with any insurance agent, make sure that their financial stability is not in doubt. This is because e & o insurance pricing is based on risk.

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