Earlier the door knobs

Earlier the door knobs were made from brass, copper, silver, wood and many more materials. The earliest of the knobs were made in the United States of America in the middle of nineteenth century. Round and egg shaped were mostly popular during that period. Many materials such as ceramic, brass, plastic and glass were used to make them. It was only in 1876 that decorative knobs came into picture. Until then, only simple designed ones were in use.

Glass knobs especially are the most important antique door knobs. They were cheaper and manufactured using the pressing method. This method was popular from the year 1826 to 1950. Later cut glass was used for making door knobs during 1910. There are many varieties of shapes of these antique glass knobs, namely, hexagonal, ribbed, round, oval, flower and many more. Different colors were used in their manufacture. Clear glass in addition to colored ones such as dark green, soft pink and amethyst were among the popular ones. During 1960s manganese was used in the manufacture which made the glass shine even more. Hence a buyer is considered to be lucky if he gets hold of one of them.

Wooden knobs gained much popularity in the late 1800s. But their fame diminished after 1910. China clay and ceramic door knobs were used later. Potters clay was also used for the manufacture of antique door knobs.

Antique door knobs also include the metal door knobs. It was a popular method to 2 or 3 pieces together to make a knob. Victorian door knobs were made of cast bronze and had numerous patterns on it. The number of antique door knobs greatly increased from the period of 1830 to 1873. Hence the collectors have classified the knobs into about 15 categories based on shape, material and designs. Steel locks also entered the market during the year 1896. Special non rusting finish was used for these door knobs.

Antique door knobs generally cost hundreds of dollars. Today antique door knobs have gained much popularity and people buying new homes are crazy for buying antique door knobs. These can be fitted to bathroom, bedroom or even main doors, office doors. These knobs look exquisite and beautiful when installed. Glass, metal, ceramic or porcelain door knobs are the most famous ones. Today the most famous patterns amongst the antique door knobs are steel or bronze ones with intricate scroll work and deep ridges, white porcelain one with ornate designs and many such more.

Antique door knobs have a wide range to choose from. Decorative knobs with handles, exquisite design patterns which match the surroundings of the house can be selected. They add an exotic beauty to the place. Various Victorian style knobs are also available. The door knobs are eye catching and look extremely pleasant. More and more people buying new homes are opting for these antique door knobs.

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