ebooks for the kindle 3, how to get ebooks for the kindle 3 tablet

how to get ebooks for the kindle 3 tablet is a question i asked many time when i first recieved my kindle 3 ereader. I began getting ebooks for my kindle from the amazon online book store paying between $8 and $15 per ebook that i download for my kindle 3. I no longer pay up to $15 per ebooks becausei have done a lot of research and found better solutions to the problem of finding ebooks for my kindle 3 ereader.

The first solution is to find the website of your favourit author as many times i have found that authors can often give away some of their old ebooks for free from their own websites. It also has the benifit of getting books directly from the suthors before the general release dates that most people would need to wait for.

The next solution is a service called Scribd, this is an online publishing site that allows anyone in the world to upload books and digital format works free of charge to the site and then allow users to download these ebooks and research papaers completely free of charge and without any limitations or charges. It is also great for finding new ebooks too but often the new ebooks are not published by the authors so get taken down after a short amount of time.

The final and best solution i have found is a service called Ebooks for Kindle, this servce allows members access to a massive library of over 40,000 ebooks available for download direct to the kindle ereader. It allows users to search for ebooks for their kindle ereader by genre and find many new authors and popular ebooks which you can simpily donwload and read as part of your membership. The site offers users unlimited access to the online library and a lifetime membership and currently costs just $20 an offer price down from $40. But i like this service the most as it allows access to some of the newest and best selling books to its users without having to buy the ebooks at a premium and having no hard asset to show.

These are my tips on the best ways to get ebooks for the kindle 3 i hope they work as well for you as they did for me.

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