Elliptical Fitness Machines

What Is An Elliptical Exerciser?

Elliptical exercisers are exercisers that simulate walking or running without having to move. Ellipticals were first created to provide an effective and efficient workout with minimal stress on the joints. This makes an elliptical especially useful for people for people who have had injuries in the past or are overweight and don’t wish to place too much impact on their joints.

The three types of elliptical machines are rear, front, and center drive. The drive location is where the elliptical motor is located. Rear drive is the oldest type of elliptical. Front drive came not too long after that. More recently, center drive ellipticals have begun to become more popular.

What Does An Elliptical Trainer Do?

Elliptical fitness machines focus primarily on cardiovascular exercise. Ellipticals can vary from a high resistance to a low resistance based on preference. Elliptical machines can work your upper (if the machine has moving upper body parts) and lower body. Because of the varying resistances, you will never outgrow your elliptical trainer.

Some elliptical trainers have the ability to be driven backwards. Elliptical fitness machines are driven primarily by the lower body. Some ellipticals have arm bars that allow you to exercise the upper body as well as the lower.

How Do You Use An Elliptical?

If your elliptical does not have moveable upper body parts, all you have to do is get on the machine, choose your preferences and start walking/running.

If your elliptical has arm bars that are functional, you grip the handles. Then you pull and push the handles while you move your feet through the elliptical exercise path. A more effective elliptical machine will make the workout feel as though your upper body is actually helping your legs.

How Does An Elliptical Machine Compare To A Treadmill?

An elliptical trainer is comparable to a treadmill. Both exercise the muscles of the legs as well as heart, and, in some cases, upper body. Ellipticals produce an intermediate range of leg motion between that of stationary bikes and treadmills. Although it is comparable to a treadmill, the extra upper body exercise makes the elliptical better than the treadmill in my opinion.

In Conclusion

I would recommend an elliptical machine to all of those people searching for a way to workout efficiently and from the comfort of your own home. I own a Smooth CE 3.6 and it is the best piece of exercise equipment I own. I would especially recommend this exerciser to those with knee problems because of its low impact and efficiency.

Elliptical exercisers are very effective and efficient when it comes to working out with a limited amount of time. I own an elliptical and would purchase one again because of how easily it helps me keep in shape.

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