Evolution Of Industrial Magnets

Many people have this notion that industrial magnets should be big. This is largely attributed to the concept of industrial revolution where manufacturing was all about work done in large factories that manufactured large tools fast. However, this has changed over the last hundred years and this has been marked efficiency and small size. The microchip technology is the best demonstration of this concept.


In the twenty-first century tools and devices related to trade and manufacturing has grasped this concept and tend to fit more into smaller space. Microprocessors are constantly getting smaller yet their processing capacity is increasing. This is remarkable bearing in mind that the ancient room sized computers were the best at the time. In fact there has been an explosion in technological development.

Industrial magnets were constituents of large generators and motors that were very large in size and were intended to execute big tasks. The need for small magnets or small motors was not perceived. However, today industrial motors are small servo motors, miniature generators, DVD and CD drives, hard drives, cooling fans and other tiny motive devices. As technology progresses, the world has become a village and machines are reducing in size.

However, the need for large industrial magnets is indispensable. Electricity generation requires large generators that use magnets and electric cars also use larger magnets to run. It appears as though our society is integrated in magnets for even iron is a blood constituent as much as it is a component of industrial magnets.

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