Family IQ Scrutiny-MLM To Know If You Have A Good IQ?

The language pertaining to Family IQ should make some families I’ve known over a lifetime turn and run in the opposite direction. But then those families probably don’t have the IQ to know that they should or to even think about the question for that matter. Just kidding, but that’s not why we’re here.

Family IQ was founded in 2001 by a guy named Mark Hobbins in California. They offer products suited toward helping families advance all aspects of their lives. They did not shove off as a network marketing opportunity.

Initially Family IQ offered their services to therapists and treatment programs. Just recently they transformed to the direct selling model. All of their products and services are electronically delivered so reps don’t have to worry and deal with inventory. Always a good thing.

Mark started this company because he really didn’t see much help for families tortured with wayward teenagers or other mental health and family issues that can rear their ugly heads in our lifetimes. It happens even in the “best of” families. Some of Family IQ’s products include workshops, seminars, online courses, tests, audio lectures, activity sheets, articles and much more.

Family IQ has, in the recent past teamed up with Rod Stinson who is a fixture and legend in the home business industry. Rod recently started up his own marketing branch called the Secret Formula Teleseminar. That was in 2010 and he is expected to use that marketing formula to help in the growth of Family IQ.

The compensation plan is unilevel. There are two ways to get started in this business; the first and least expensive is to enter as a preferred customer which will cost you $179. The other way which will qualify you for all of the bonuses is to go in as an IBO or an Independent Business Owner which is $1495 and $79 on PSV or personal sales volume.

FamilyIQ furnishes four ways to earn money when selling FamilyIQ products:
1. A monthly Retail Sales profit of up to 50% paid on all products sold to non-member customers at the retail price.
2. A monthly 9-Generational Unilevel Bonus paid down 9 levels on all auto orders, ongoing purchases, and retail sales volume.
3. A daily $1000 Fast Start Bonus (FSB) paid immediately on the sale of each new Family Builder Package ($1495).
4. A weekly Generational Fast Start Bonus (GFSB) paid down 9 levels on the sale of each new Family Builder Package ($1495)

One big positive to this company in my eyes is there are no potions and lotions. Sure there may be debate in the techniques they use or whatever but nothing compared to whether you’re healthy enough or allergy free to consume or use a certain product.

Another advantageous aspect I see is and I’m sorry to get a little bit political on you here but; with the onslaught of the progressives in our American society trying to undermine everything our great country was assembled on and stands for; I think that any program intended at strengthening families, which is the foundation of any great society, is a good thing and should be applauded.

If I wasn’t already involved in an outstanding multi level marketing company I think I might ardently consider this one.

Roger D. Blackwell AKA The Dean, School of Hard Knocks wrote this important review of Family IQ to help people learn the truth of this Network Marketing Company.

Roger is a leading marketer who specializes in helping people
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