FLA Florida Home Owner’s Insurance

If you live in Florida, you know that the recent actions of your state legislature have made it difficult for you to get the coverage you need on your home. You even know that the legislature may have had good intentions when they enacted the legislation that capped home owner’s premiums. You are probably also thinking about a famous saying about where good intentions lead. Regardless of the circumstances, it is not impossible to get home owner’s life insurance, merely difficult.


Florida’s Geography Makes It a Target

Florida is in the path of some serious hurricanes. This has nothing to do with the desire of an all-powerful being to punish the state for its sins. The state is flat and it is a peninsula. The peninsula is surrounded by the warm waters and Atlantic Oceans. Its location means that the state will be struck by hurricanes with frequency. It’s geography also makes it a target for tornadoes. These factors made premiums on Florida’s homeowner insurance high.

Getting a Policy

If you have the money, you can still get a policy. The state legislature prevent you from paying too much for one. Unfortunately, the lack of profitability on these policies caused many insurance companies in Florida to stop offering these policies completely. A homeowner may need to shop around for a while to find a company that will insure his home. The search will lead him to many varied and interesting places, but it will not require you to come across any snakes, Nazis, or ancient Hindu cults.

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