Flood-proofing Your Office Phone System

Is your business phone system ready for the best growth ever? Conversely, is it geared up for the worst natural tragedy? Will your office communications be able to get back up quickly after a calamity?

Companies, both big and small, need to adjust to these changing times. Not just to the changes in the marketplace, but more obviously to the changing weather patterns that wreck farms and businesses. Just early in June 2011, Vermont experienced ruthless floods that wrecked businesses and homes. A local news agency in Vermont reported that the flash flood caused an estimated $1.7 million in damages to roads and bridges in St. Johnsbury alone.

Coping tips

Keeping your business afloat during catastrophes is hard particularly if your major assets are based physically on land. If you are a small company, damages due to a calamity is one of your worst nightmares. It can entirely wash out all your properties. Nonetheless, there are a number of ways which can help your enterprise adapt and mitigate the injury these natural tragedies carry with them.

For one, you can back up your files on remote servers. It is one strategy adopted for disaster preparedness by many businesses today. Enterprises that are heavily reliant on digital data already have this as a basic.

What about your other assets? What about your telephone system?

Take it to safer a height – the cloud

A step to lessening or even evade damages to your communications is to take it to the Internet. Works the same way as backing up your files on the Internet, you put your system to the online server of your chosen provider who takes care of the whole system for you. If a natural disaster comes like a flood, your traditional phone system could get damaged. With a cloud PBX, however, your online phone system account with a provider would still be available safely kept for you even during a calamity. And since it is located virtually, people can still make calls to your business number as long as there is an Internet or mobile phone connection, helping you spring back to business immediately.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, below are two more why you need to take your communications to the cloud:

? Conventional PBX phone systems are bound on physical premises. Traditional PBX systems rely on physical lines to hook up point An and point B. Hosted systems do not depend on physical lines. As long as there is an Internet connection, you can take a call made to your business number.

? Traditional PBX systems need technical skills to work properly. When you buy a traditional PBX, your cost worries do not end there. You need a trained technician to maintain your physical lines and terminals in order. The cloud PBX phone system takes this concern off you. With just a tiny portion of the cost of expensive traditional PBX, monthly subscription fees in a hosted system already cover for the purchase of the system as well as its expert maintenance.

Reasons above make availing of cloud PBX service a sound decision for business owners. Above and beyond being able to avoid costly damages, you likewise upgrade your communications that could even save you on communication costs and secure you growing revenues in the long term. Get a dependable provider today and take your business phone system to the cloud where it is safe from floodwaters.

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