Florida Auto Insurance

So the big move is done. Now that you’re officially a Florida resident, it’s time to buckle down to business. You have 30 days to get the papers in order so that you’ll get a car-tag, Florida auto insurance, and driver’s license” just the things you need to go out there and see the sights.


Annually, nearly a million people apply for licenses in the Florida DMV. To make sure your application goes smoothly, bring proper identification, birth record, Social Security documents, and at least two snail mails to your new address. Get a schedule and come on time. If you hold a license from elsewhere, they will inspect your record as a driver. If this suggests that you pose a risk, you’ll have to take a written driving exam. The clarity of your vision will also be tested, as well as a driving exam to check your driving skills.

Your car should be registered with the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. In order to do this, your car must be insured as per state law. If you purchased an earlier auto insurance policy from a national provider, it’s highly probable that it is sufficient to satisfy the law. If it’s not, however, local firms will provide you with the needed coverage.

Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive as Florida hits hard on suspected drunk drivers. The state hands tough sentences to those convicted, including serious prison time. So remember to get all your documents ready and take the tests with confidence.

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