Franco Arda Adds a Unique Ingredient to Spice up The Flavor of Success by Todd Rutherford

Success can be defined in a number of ways, and it more than likely involves perseverance. Moreover, success is not only measured by monetary wealth, but the other factors as well, including, but not limited to, career satisfaction and the degree to which a person gives back to society. According to the Huffington Post, there were nearly 7.8 millionaires in 2008; however, job satisfaction is at its lowest level in two years, with increasing unemployment.

Fortune Favors the Bold, by Franco Arda, founder of Smarter Comics Inc., adds a unique ingredient to the recipe for success: boldness. Though boldness is no guarantee for success, it is that last piece to the puzzle that often prevents failure. Success through boldness also involves learning to make decisions without hesitating.

Throughout the book, Franco Arda sprinkles in powerful quotes from historical figures like Marcus Aurelius, who states, “If a decision has to be made, don’t hesitate to make it.” The combination of text and graphics caters to individuals of all ages, especially the younger set and those who are at the stage where they must make bold decisions.

Countless self-help books teach positive energy, will power, and determination; however, but fail to discuss how to bring out these characteristics in the individual. Boldness builds intent, positive attitude, and the confidence required to translate thoughts into actions. Additionally, boldness is the one element, like adrenaline, that will help individuals address their most intimidating fears. Even failure will not deter the bold individual from striving for success.

Essentially, Franco encourages his readers to be okay with failure, even embrace it from time to time. He states, “Great success is rarely achieved without great failure.” By stirring boldness into your daily actions and decision-making, you put yourself into a position to fully invest in your dreams. Instead of fantasizing about what your life could be, take life by the horns and be bold, take risks, and consider life an adventure.

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