Get Your Ex Back – First Step to get your ex back

So you are heartbroken. Your ex has gone and you want them back. Are you prepared to do the chasing to get your partner to return? If you are then you must use logic and not let your emotions rule your actions. Be it your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife you must be in control.

You cannot normally talk your partner into just coming back. Your partner might remain cold and distant, this will raise your emotions, you might start to beg and plead, if this happens you will appear weak and make them uncomfortable.

You need to keep or regain some self respect, so leave things alone for a week or more. Become slightly distant from friends; be noticed for your absence. Keep in touch with everyone, but keep silent about where you have been. This will make your partner wonder what you are doing and with whom. When speaking with friends intimate there might be someone else you might be seeing. This will get back to your ex very quickly.

If there is a smouldering ember in your ex’s heart it will reignite it. This way they will approach you. If they do not it might really be time to move on. If they do, you might say you are happy to catch up and see how they are. At this point be happy and upbeat in your approach. Bring to mind the person you were when your relationship started. Become the person they fell for in the beginning but with a little more maturity of course.

Another point is do not let your ex think that this is a date, it’s just a catch up. Be pleased to see them when you meet and be extremely interested in their conversation. This will encourage them to say more, and it might be that they will open up, tell you of their regret and ask you to take them back. Above all maintain your self-respect.

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