Getting A Pipe Tobacco Sampler

Pipe smoking is not a smoking habit but actually considered a hobby due to the fact that the tobacco offers a range of flavors and provides an enjoyable and even relaxing activity. Truth be known, pipe connoisseurs take up the hobby due to the many flavors they can find as well as many are now creating their own blends for delightful and unique tastes. New pipe smokers may be a bit confused at first as there are many different flavors to enjoy, that is why a pipe tobacco sampler is the best opportunity to try several different aromas and flavors.


The most popular recommendation for beginners is sweet tobacco as the flavor is a bit more subtle and pleasant over the sharp taste that is often found. One of the most popular pipe tobaccos is harvested in Virginia known as flue-cure Virginia tobacco. The sweetness found with this pipe tobacco comes naturally from leaves. Burley tobacco from Ohio offers a nuttier taste with the sweetness found in the sugars added instead of being natural from the tobacco. Green River tobacco from Kentucky is known for being mild and sweet. Some tobaccos offer a combination of Green River, Burley, and Virginia to create a delightful taste and aroma.

Of course, there are many different tobaccos that can be found in a pipe tobacco sampler including Perique from Louisiana and even Cavendish tobacco that is not really a type of tobacco but refers to the curing process. For the beginner, a pipe tobacco sampler will allow you to enjoy a wide array of tastes so you can find one that fits your palate.

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