Giving Up Smoking: 5 Things That You Should Avoid When Battling Nicotine Addiction

There’s a great deal of information and advice out there about giving up smoking, plenty of available information about ending the nicotine addiction, and why we benifit from that. While that is fine, and much needed, it is still enough for many of us. It can help us further in our aims if we know just what to avoid. We need to know what to do to prevent temptation, and why we need to prevent it.

This article has been written to help you out with giving up smoking. Written from the experience of a quitter read on and you will find 5 things you must avoid if you really want to quit smoking .

Here’s the 5 things that you ought to avoid:

1. Being Bored. The reason why you need to stop being bored is that you think more about smoking and become more tempted to light up a cigarette. A lot better alternative would be to Keep yourself occupied. Take up a new hobby or sport, decorate your house, go to the gym or simply become a couch potato and watch all of those videos that you promised yourself that you would watch when you got time.

2. Friends And Family That Smoke. The reasoning behind this is because whenever they light up a cigarette or cigar it reminds you of what you shouldn’t be missing. Instead, you could simply Throw a bucket of water over them and put their cigarette out!! OK seriously you could ask them not to smoke around you for a while, or go outside if they are smoking in your home. If they won’t agree to the former they can’t care about you very much, if they won’t agree to the latter throw them out it’s your home.

3. Hanging on to a Pack. Many people do this when they stop but apart from them being masochists they are often defeating the object by keeping temptation at hand. What you should do instead is either finish the last pack that you buy or throw away whatever cigarettes are left out of the last pack – go on screw them up, enjoy demolishing the last remnants of this unhealthy habit that has been undermining your health.

4. Stressful Situations. When we smoke we believe that lighting up a cigarette helps to keep our stress levels down so it is automatic to reach for a pack. Instead you ought to try and keep calm and don’t get the cigs out, deal with the situation instead. Take a walk, a bath, listen to some soothing music – whatever you do don’t use the excuse of stress to cave in.

5. Giving In To Peer Pressure. Never do this because when you are young you may think that it’s cool to smoke because your mates or your movie star hero are smokers. If your friends offer you cigarettes or taunt you because you don’t smoke ignore them. If you don’t you will become addicted to nicotine like I did. The habit will harm your health and cost you a small fortune over the years. You also risk the health of those around you who are breathing in second hand smoke. Your smoking friends are fools not cool.

Always remember that if you do give in to temptation remember that you can quit. There are lots of different giving up smoking aids on the market today that can help you to stop smoking.

When you carefully avoid these 5 common errors and accept the suggestions offered for alternatives instead, your chances of success as well as your health are going to be much better than they otherwise would.

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