Having An SEO Strategy Is Important to Insurance Businesses

With the rise of interconnectedness in today’s digital environment, it is critical for your business to have an effective insurance SEO strategy. Here are two factors to better understand the importance of having proper search engine rankings when someone does an online query for your services.

Local Means Close to Home

As they say in real estate, “location, location, location!” The same focus on locality applies when people search for services, particularly their insurance needs. Nearly half of all online searches contain some aspect of the local area near the source of the search. Despite the world being connected through the internet, a local connection to the search activity and your company is critical.

Social Media Strategy

While it’s true that the many comments and clicks associated with social media pages don’t feed directly into your SEO rankings, the buzz created from social media can direct online traffic your way. Perhaps your company’s website gets mentioned in a social media post. This will in turn get more clicks on your website and boost the SEO ranking.

The importance of having a solid SEO strategy for your insurance business can’t be understated. The combination of directing local search engine traffic and having a strong social media presence will ensure your company connects effectively with potential customers.

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